Astrov 0.1.3a - Minor bugfixes

Greetings Pilots! This smaller update fixes several issues left in version 0.1.3, here's a quick rundown:

  • Fixed docking (CTRL+D) function being unresponsive
  • Fixed Context-based tips stacking on top of each other on the UI.
  • Fixed duplication bug when navigating between store menu and main menu
  • Fixed duplication bug with wings/wingmen in loadout menu
  • Fixed some loadout UI elements from overlapping one another
  • Save button no longer visible if player dies
  • You can now select POIs via controllers (assigned to button Y, just aim and shoot)

Quick note on the last bit there - to make selecting destinations convenient (and not require mouse/keyboard input), I have assigned this ability to button Y on the xbox controller. All you have to do is simply aim your crosshair at an icon and press said button.
This update is standalone, you do not require previous versions installed.
Expect more in later weeks.
Have fun!


Astrov 0.1.3a.rar 79 MB
Apr 08, 2018

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