Astrov 0.1.2 - Player profiles and new stuff

Greetings Pilots!
Welcome to version 0.1.2! Finally bringing in goodies such as basic player progression and customizable keybinds to your virtual doorsteps. You may also be pleased to note that a new multi-purpose fighter has been added to the pilotable roster for you to try out.

In addition, there are some noticeable changes to the in-game visuals, mainly the bloom, giving it more glow and making most effects more pleasant to look at.

The full changelog is as follows:


  • Added saving
  • Added remappable keys
  • Added new pilotable fighter
  • Added context-sensitive tips for time-compression
  • Added sound effect for jumpdrive-created wormholes
  • Large ships can now call for reinforcements


  • Adjusted bloom effects
  • Corrections to spawn tables - bombers are less likely to appear for roles not suitable to them
  • Fixed rendering bug when jumping in 3rd person
  • Fixed "set as player" not functioning from main menu
  • Fixed alternate 1st person camera mode gimping throttle controls
  • Fixed two or more waypoints spawning on the same POI
  • Minor corrections made to AI fighters, mainly for combat
  • Waypoint-based missions now tell you on its description how many waypoints to expect
  • Waypoint-based mission text on the directives panel now tell you how many waypoints remain

That's it for now! Coming up in the next update - size will start to matter more, a change of scenery will occur and aiming won't exclusively be used via the mouse. Thank you for taking the time!


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Jan 31, 2018

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