Status Report: 0.1.2 coming soon

Greetings Pilots!

Since the release of version 0.1.1, I have been busily chipping away at getting some proper features in that are expected from... well any game really. You're going to have to excuse the current mess as this is still all very new and fresh.

For those who have any issues with the current keyboard layout, 0.1.2 should put those inconveniences to rest as rebindable controls are on their way. Currently this feature will only work for keyboards, but I aim to eventually change that.

And here's a gamechanger for ya: You will be able to finally save your progress, so you don't lose your assets and cash after closing the game. The files themselves will be named (and overwritten, so watch it!) after your callsign within the game folder, so you can easily manage them at any time.

Although these are already in a playable state, I want to cram as much as I can into 0.1.2 before the end of the month, so expect the release around that time. I will leave you with this as a little teaser for what's still to come...

If everything goes as planned, the next written blogpost you see should be about said update.

Thanks for reading!

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