Astrov 0.1.1 - Quick bugfixes and the road ahead

Pilot attend: Welcome to the first in a series of devlogs documenting the progress of Astrov!

A quick post-release update (ver. 0.1.1) has been uploaded after spotting a few smaller issues. Some circumstances caused the store page to incorrectly display the total cost of selected ships. Furthermore I have added some extra HUD elements and pointers to the tutorial to help familiarize yourselves with the game's core features.

The update notes are as follows:

  • Added a few extra hints when tutorial is enabled
  • Minor buy menu UI bugfixes
  • Fixed 'apply slight roll to yaw' option not functioning
  • Fixed enemy fighters chickening out during combat

A changelog has also been added to the archive.

So what happens next?
I will be primarily focusing on missing features. You might have noticed that there is no option to change keybindings anywhere. Due to some limitations, I could not implement this yet but it should be coming in the following updates.
So far there is also no saving so you can't keep your equipment and cash, which is another lacking element I am planning to correct.
Finally, more content is planned in the form of ships and weapons.

Expect a 'when it's done' timeframe for these as I have no concrete ETA to give. More posts will be made related to upcoming updates, so stay tuned. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you for reading, fly safe!


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Jan 03, 2018

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